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38 Oxley Rd- An Ozzymandian Monument Long in the Making (Part 3 of 3)

This post first appeared on the Facebook Page of Ong Ying Ping ESQ on June 21, 2017. You can view the post here.

If lifting the whip in the personal privacy of the home is kinky, it’s alright to do it in Parliament?

In Part 2, we discussed how the interests of the “majority” or “greater good” was not as obviously aligned as the politicians are saying (Singaporeans are tired of the allegations after barely 6 days?, only to be greeted by an apology to the nation, followed by a “whip free” Parliamentary session ). The follow up was that even if the “greater good” was clearly identifiable, bullying the minority or trampling on fundamental rights is unacceptable.

In the upcoming installment, elected lawmakers will not be passing legislation but pronouncing on the legitimacy of the clearly stated wish by LKY to NOT make a monument of his family’s place of refuge. Further, the Party Whip will not be applied to the process, which is to pass judgment on which of the 3 siblings is in the right.

Does any of these make sense? Would this reinforce the feeling that previously, the PAP MPs felt constrained to vote according to the dictates of the Party’s Central Executive Committee rather than what was for the greater good? Are we seeing the beginning of the end?

This feature article is the last of a three part series, as Mr Ong Ying Ping shares his thoughts over the recent dispute over 38 Oxley Road. If you have missed the previous parts, you can read the first part here, and the second part here.