Lawyers Want Apex Court to Clarify the Term ‘Bookmaker’

Lawyers Want Apex Court to Clarify the Term ‘Bookmaker’

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This post was first published on the Ong Ying Ping ESQ Facebook page on May 24, 2017. You may view the post here.

The news article titled “Lawyers want apex court to clarify the term ‘Bookmaker’ was published in The Straits Times on May 24, 2017. Please click here to view the article.

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To be precise, the case being referred seeks to clarify what amounts to the offence of bookmaking under the Betting Act. In particular, what all the prosecution needs to prove is that the accused merely received bets. Regardless, I commend the writer for stating the basics of baccarat insurance betting.

Therefore, if I made a bet with another person (not a friend) for $500/- that Manchester Utd would beat Ajax Amsterdam in the Europa League final and he receives my bet, would he be a bookmaker?