Category: Reflections

Reflections by Intern from NUS, Ivan Ng

“Although three weeks is a relatively short period of time, what I have gained has been extremely valuable and is something which cannot be simply learnt in school. …. Having experienced it myself, it is indeed every bit as enriching as they said, with a great insight into what goes on behind every single legal case that ends up in the law reports. Indeed, not everything ends up going to the courts … which illustrates the vast world of legal practice beyond law school.

I have had the opportunity to do research on a wide variety of areas of law, particularly the law of knowing receipt, unjust enrichment, the tort of conversion, breach of fiduciary duties and negligence.…. Other areas of law were new to me and it was indeed a learning experience researching these areas of law and being able to apply the law to the rather complicated factual scenarios. …I am grateful for the experience and opportunity and am glad to have been able to contribute. The amount of work and research to be done was challenging but at the same time, manageable.”

Reflections by Intern from SMU, Emelia Kwa

“I was quite nervous on the first day of my internship, especially since I had heard quite a number of horror stories from friends on how their partners or associates would shout or scold them for trivial mistakes. Thankfully, my fears were unfounded – … (the lawyers) were very friendly and approachable people.…

…In essence, I am truly thankful for this opportunity (albeit a short one) to make mistakes and be given the room to learn and grow from them. I look forward to being able to hone these skills in future internships, and hopefully, to becoming a better law student.”